Adult Services

Adult Services for all eligible individuals includes the Waiver services: Adult Day Services: Adult Day Support, Vocational Habilitation, Community Integration, Individual Employment Supports, and Group Employment Supports.

At CCBDD, Adult Services is divided into two departments: Adult Services (Day Programs/Workshop) and Adult Services (Community Employment). We feel that this structure allows us to focus on the unique issues for these two areas and address the needs and challenges of each more thoroughly.

Adult Services: Day Programs –



Waycraft Industries

Health Services

Abounding Arts Studio

Adult Services Contact Information

Crawford County Board of DD

1650 E Southern Ave

Bucyrus, OH  44820


419-562-3176 - Fax

Mr. Court Sturts - Director of Operations and Transition - ext. 131

Mr. Vincent Ponziani - Waycraft CEO - 419-563-0550


Mrs. Jenny Burton - Nurse - ext. 122

Mrs. Deb Tackett - Therapy - ext. 167

Mrs. Sally Baum - Seniors Department - ext. 142

Mrs. Shelly Schifer -Seniors Department - ext. 142

Mrs. Virginia Sharp - Seniors Department - ext. 142

Ms. Jennifer Moneysmith - Snoezelen - ext. 145

Mrs. Debbie Orians - Snoezelen - ext. 145

Mrs. Veronica Schenz - Snoezelen - ext. 145

Mrs. Sue Williamson - Snoezelen - ext. 145

Ms. Jill Burling - Workshop - ext. 104

Ms. Julie Armbruster - Workshop - ext. 104

Mrs. Judy Greanya - Workshop - ext. 155

Ms. Cassie Wyeth - Workshop - ext. 155

Mr. Tom Baum - Workshop - ext. 156

Mr. Doug Huff - Workshop - ext. 156


Those involved in this program participate in a variety of recreational, educational, social, and leisure skills both at CCBDD and in the community. Individuals also may choose to work for Waycraft Industries up to all day and are provided with appropriate seating, tables, and other accommodations as needed.

  1. Seniors start the day with a "Coffee and Chat" session which is designed to encourage socialization, conversation, memory games, and other mental stimulation including orientation to current events and educational themes which are coordinated with activities planned for each week. Personal care needs are also attended to during this period. Individuals are able to access community activities.
  2. Individuals choose whether they want to work. The remaining group enjoys a choice of crafts, exercise, movies, community trips, rest in recliners, and other planned activities. Some examples of their community involvement are participation in garden clubs, volunteering for Salvation Army Bell Ringing, and enjoying senior day at the Crawford County Fair.

Snoezelen Program

The Snoezelen program was created for those individuals whose needs require positive alternatives to full time work programs. The program uses various types of sensory stimulation (light, sound, touch, taste, and smell) for increased relaxation, social interaction, transitions and communication.

Individuals have an opportunity to choose activities which helps them have a sense of control and security in their lives.

  1. Each day begins with a transition period of reduced lighting, calm, and quiet.
  2. Personal care needs are addressed and individual activities including community trips for small groups are made available. Individuals are working on making community connections as we discover their likes, strengths, and abilities while finding solutions to the challenges.

Abounding Arts Studio

Implemented in March of 2017, Abounding Arts Studio (Connecting the Community through Creativity) allows individuals to explore and experience various types of The Arts. A designated "Making Space" is available to all individuals in Adult Services. Supports are provided which allows all individuals regardless of ability to participate in creating art. These Arts are used as an opportunity to connect individuals to others throughout the community and bring the community in.

Waycraft Industries Employment

CCBDD has contracted with Waycraft Industries, Inc. since 1968. Waycraft Industries, Inc. is a not for profit 501(c)3 entity with a Commensurate Wage Certificate which allows each individual a fair wage according to their production rate. Individuals can increase their rate and earn a higher wage as their speed and quality increase.

118 River Street, Bucyrus, Ohio: At the River Street location, the work setting emulates an industrial one as closely as possible. All appointments (doctors, dentists, etc.) should be scheduled after hours just like a regular factory setting. Some individuals have jobs that pay minimum wage or better. Other individuals are able to get their production rate up to achieve minimum wage as well. Waycraft also provides some Adult Day Support services to assist with some personal care needs and Vocational Habilitation to improve work skills, socialization, self advocacy, and communication along with other skills as needed in preparation for community employment. This includes Employment First assistance for individuals on the PATH to employment. When no paid work is available, individuals participate in alternate activities in Vocational Habilitation and Adult Day Support. This would include a variety of interviewing skills, job exploration, habilitation skills, enrichment activities, socialization, human sexuality education, exercise, leisure skills, and activities available in the community.

1650 E. Southern Ave., Bucyrus, Ohio: At Southern Avenue, Waycraft provides the same work in production for local companies as well as some cleaning and other jobs paid at minimum wage. Waycraft also hires individuals as production aides at minimum wage for Senior Production and the Main Floor Production area. The CCBDD staff provides Employment First assistance for individuals on the PATH to employment, Vocational Habilitation to improve work skills, socialization, self advocacy, communication, interviewing skills and other skills as needed to assist individuals on their chosen PATH. This setting is climate controlled and more accessible. This programming includes access to the community.

Health Services:

Nursing – A registered nurse is available to assist with work-related medical issues, medication administration, staff training, delegated nursing, and emergency response. The nurse provides professional nursing services, both direct and indirect, to children and adults with developmental disabilities, and assists in resolving health problems. The nurse investigates health concerns with staff, families, providers, and physicians as needed and acts as a liaison with physicians and clinics for medical concerns of individuals. The nurse also consults with the individual’s team and attends ISP meetings when invited.

Bucyrus Health Department – CCBDD has a contract with the local health department to provide health services that require a nurse when the program nurse is not available.

Delegated Medication Administration – The program nurse also provides or arranges the 14 hours of DODD approved training and required continuing education for specific direct care staff so they are able to administer medications and complete some other procedures when the program nurse is not available.