Community Services

The Community Services Department is comprised of Service Support Administration and Family Support Services. See the Staff directory for a list of Service Support Administrators (SSA) and the contact person for Family Support.


Eligibility for services through the Crawford County Board of Developmental Disabilities are determined through testing which is coordinated by the Community Services Department. The Children's Ohio Eligibility Determination Instrument (COEDI) and Ohio Eligibility Instrument (OEDI) are tools used to assist staff in determining eligibility. The COEDI/OEDI tools help record information about current functional abilities. The COEDI determines eligibility for services for individuals 6 to 15 years old. The OEDI determines eligibility for individuals 16 years old and over.

Community Services - Family Support Services

What is Family Support Services?

Family Support Services is a program that provides supports, services and help to:

  • Supports families to care for their family member(s) with disabilities at home.
  • Enhance the quality of life for the family, including the individual(s) with developmental disabilities.

Who Can Receive Family Support Services?

If you have a family member with developmental disabilities living at home, he or she may be able to receive Family Support Services. The family member with disabilities must be ELIGIBLE for county DD services, even if he or she is not receiving county board assistance.

What Items and Services are Provided?

  • Respite care by specially trained providers or persons chosen by the family
  • Adaptive Equipment
  • Assistance with home modifications to accommodate the family member(s) with disabilities
  • Special Diets
  • Other services individualized to each family's needs such as counseling, wheelchair repair, educational software, sign language books and more

Family Support Services respects the beliefs, values & structures of each family.

Who Provides the Services?

The Family Support Services program is administered through the county boards of DD. The funds are provided through the state legislature and distributed by the Ohio Department of DD.

What determines whether requests are funded?

County boards of DD will fund a family's request if:

  • Family is eligible for services
  • County has funds available
  • Items or services are available
  • The item or services cannot be funded by other sources

Request is consistent with county board's plan and Family Support Services philosophy

Community Services Director, Kim Kent

Secretary: Miranda Kepler - ext. 141

email: email:

Service and Support Administrators:

Rob Farson -

Christa Graves -

Melissa Hardesty -

Amy Huff -

Elaine Kithcart -

Kristen McCracken -

Becky Teynor -

Lisa Beckley -

Cindy Carver -

Community Services - Residential

Residential Services

The purpose of Residential Services is to assist persons with developmental disabilities to live in settings which may maximize their independence and human dignity, promote the individual's presence and participation in community life, and increase the individual's status as a valued community member with potential for growth and development.