A Message from Crawford County Board of Developmental Disabilities




We want to inform you of our efforts to maintain the highest quality of services while navigating the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak.


This is a rapidly evolving situation that has changed our course of action multiple times and we expect these changes will continue. As the situation continues to unfold we have made the decisions to transition most of our staff to working remotely and thus reducing the risk of the spread of the virus. We have made the decision to allow Fairway school staff to be available from their home. Fairway staff will check voicemail, emails, and contact the families of their students. They have also put together learning packets for the students to work on during this time away from school; if you have not picked them up they will be mailed.  SSA and Early Intervention team will be available by email and will respond to voicemails left on their desk phones throughout the day. We have suspended person-to-person visits, unless absolutely necessary and we are transitioning to telephone or other technology methods for follow up. Early Intervention services will continue via audio/phone/ technology.


If your SSA or Early Intervention staff has not gotten back with you in a timely manner, and you need to talk to someone please call Crawford County Board of Developmental Disabilities emergency line 419-563-9292.  Continue to report any Major Unusual Incidents as normal or use the emergency line listed above.


We must continue to base our decisions on the fact that we serve a vulnerable population that requires access to our services and supports.  We will do everything in our power to ensure these supports remain intact.  This transition of employees to working remotely should not have a major impact on the quality of support you receive from the Board.


The bottom line is that we are here for you. Our services will continue to be the same quality as before. Our meetings and methods will change, but this should not have any effect on the services or support we provide to the community.  As this situation continues to evolve we will keep you updated. During this pandemic, Kim Kent, 419-569-5100 and email is will serve as the provider’s main point of contact and Amy Lash, 419-707-1547 and email is from Clearwater COG will serve as the provider’s main billing point of contact.


Thank you for your understanding and patience,


Court D. Sturts


Crawford County Board of Developmental Disabilities